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Robin is a truly gifted educator with over twenty years of experience in the field of education. She taught mathematics at the middle school and high school level across America before landing back home in New Jersey in 2001, with employment in the Princeton and Summit school districts. In 2004, she launched her private tutoring career.  Since then, Robin has extensively tutored all levels of mathematics, all components of the SAT, ACT, and any other pertinent standardized tests, writing skills, and study skills concepts, with a highly successful track record, and with a highly satisfied clientele base.

Robin’s students truly look forward to each session. Her unique combination of a deep breadth of knowledge and her engaging, fun methodologies not only spark excitement in the learning process, but also provide consistent results.  Robin brings out the best in her students, no matter the subject, and her students consequently remain on her roster for several years, followed by their younger siblings.

Robin owned and operated the highly prestigious Anderson Tutoring Center, which quickly became the most sought-after tutoring center in the area under Robin’s leadership.  She became the local guru for all things academic and college admissions-related.  Local PTO’s and various community groups contracted her annually to speak in front of large numbers of parents to detail the college admissions process.  When parents would converse with each other about various academic challenges, the advice always was and continues to be, “Call Robin Anderson.” Another role Robin played in leading the center was training new tutors to become outstanding educators; many local tutors have flourished under Robin’s tutelage.  Robin nurtured and expanded the center for six years before streamlining her operations and returning to in-home tutoring.

Robin’s knowledge and expertise in the arena of tutoring are unparalleled.  By choosing Robin Anderson as your student’s tutor, you are simply choosing the best.  You are choosing the tutor from whom other tutors, parents, and local academians seek guidance and expertise, and you are choosing the tutor who will create the most positive and successful experience possible for your child.

Tutoring Subjects

ACT (math and verbal)

SAT (math and verbal)

Other standardized tests (PSAT, ISEE, SSAT, etc.)




Algebra 1, 2, and 3


Middle school study skills

Middle school mathematics


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